Tuesday, November 21, 2000


Happy Thanksgiving from Cincinnati!

I hope you are getting the belly ready for some weekend treats! I am making appearances at the in-laws in Chattanooga on Thursday and Friday and then past Knoxville to White Pine to see my folks, as I double my eating pleasure.

Everything is going well here. It is colder than a well digger's boots, etc. here. The "feels like" temperature here last night was 0, yes zero. The real low was 15. The wind is brutal. We had some snow flurries yesterday but that is about it. It is supposed to get back to 50 this weekend. There is a dusting of snow on the ground today.

Well, I have three weeks left of my first semester at XU. I have projects due in each class and then finals. I have projects of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Xavier licensing program, a marketing and budgeting plan for a pro sports facility, and a marketing and promotions plan for a local premier (semi-pro) soccer team here in Cincinnati.

Yes, in sports news, the Xavier men's basketball team opened the new arena on Saturday with a 68-54 win over Miami, Oh. The Cincinnati Bearcats won its 7th football game Saturday with a come-from-behind win over No. 20 Southern Miss; there are now a bunch of Bearcats car flags being dusted off. The Bearcats will more than likely be in the Motor City Bowl in Detroit hopefully against hated Marshall.

The Xavier women's basketball team beat Vanderbilt in its first game in the new arena on Sunday and moved to No. 23 in the nation on Monday!

I was sad to see the Mocs end the football season 5-6 with the gutsy 45-44 overtime loss to No. 4 Furman. And then the Mocs basketball team lost by one to College of Charleston on Monday night. UGH!

On the transportation front, Stacy and I got a new used car on Saturday a 1998 Honda Accord EX V-6. We have been driving it all over Cincinnati. It is a great car, and we are lucky to have it. We have three cars right now. I am taking the Ford F-150 to Tennessee to sell. It is worth more there than in Ohio. I hate to let her go, but she has given me seven good years of trucking fun!

I hope you take the time this week to enjoy your thoughts and be thankful for what you have. I am lucky to have many great friends. I am thankful for you and your friendship. I am thankful to have a great wife, a great family, a great life, good health, great peace and great friends.

Remember what is there at the end of the day. You may even want to drop to your knees and send one up to the big guy!

Well, take care. I hope to see you sometime soon
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