Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Back to Chattown

Hello, BIG NEWS from Cincinnati!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.

I finished my spring semester at Xavier on May 10 and started the summer sessions May 14. Some break, huh?

I finished the semester with an A in research and statistics, an A- in marketing and an A in management and promotion. I am actually petitioning the A- in marketing - I'm never satisfied!
And as the summer approaches I have good news to relay. I will finish my M.Ed. this summer by completing the final 12 hours - seminar, fundraising, sport law and internship. It will be a nose-in-book summer, but I will be done by the end of July. How awesome? I will earn my M.Ed. in 11 months!

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I made this move in my life. I have learned so much at Xavier and am equally pleased that I worked at UTC and waited four years before starting graduate school. Being able to apply real world experience has proven its worth.

In addition, I really appreciate all the support you have offered in the past 10 months.

** And now for the BIG news. Stacy and I are moving. Yes, we are leaving Cincinnati. Stacy was offered a job by her former employer, UnumProvident, that will provide her with great opportunity.

So, yes, that means the Grays will be reclaiming Chattanooga as home. Get the coolers stocked and ready to go!

Stacy really enjoyed working at the University of Cincinnati Foundation. She really likes her boss there, and it makes it hard for her to leave. But the opportunity for Stacy to get back into the corporate world and the fact that a Fortune 100 company approached her was icing on the cake.

Although we will miss this great city of Cincinnati, we are excited to come back and be closer to friends and family.

Stacy will start her job as managing writer in corporate marketing at UnumProvident on July 11. I will not move down until the end of July.
As for me, who knows? I do not plan to be a househusband, so I will begin my search immediately for career advancement in the Chattanooga area. So be on the lookout and keep an ear to the ground for this dapper young man with skills.
I wish we could call everyone individually, but this e-mail will serve as a great way to let a lot of people know at the same time. Hope you are doing well. Take care
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