Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Settling in

Stacy and I are doing well. It is hard to believe we have been back in Chattanooga for almost three months.

Stacy and I are flying to Los Angeles this Thursday, Oct. 25. I am attending a Sigma Chi Fraternity alumni conference at Loyola Marymount University and Stacy is coming along to visit a friend. We are flying out of Atlanta and flying back Sunday night.

Our new house is coming along great. Our house was definitely livable when we bought it, but we wanted to make it more our own. We have finished the complete rewiring of the house involving electrical, phone and cable. The electrical was outdated (no grounds) as it is everywhere in our 50-year-old neighborhood. The phone and cable lines are now the best we can get as well.

Now it is on to the kitchen, where we are doing a complete remodeling. Our new cabinets came in and are ready to go. Now we just have to get the area ready. The painting of rooms is also on the horizon.

I am working on establishing a new lawn, as the old one was full of weeds and moss. We have a large oak tree and two hickory trees in our front yard that provides a lot of shade. I noticed the first sprouts of new grass today!

We have a great neighborhood. Everyone we have met is really nice. Plus, we are only five minutes from downtown.

I got my diploma from Xavier University in September so I suppose it is official. Now someone just needs to offer me job. I am out looking, and I am sure I will find a career I enjoy soon.
Stacy has made it to the big time at UnumProvident. Her name is featured as a contact on the company's website. Go to, click Overview and News, then click Company News and there is her name under Market/Product. Very cool.

Well, that's the news for now. I hope you are waving your flags and trying to get back to some level of normalcy. To those it pertains to, I hope to see you at UTC Homecoming Nov. 3.
Keep us in your prayers as we fly across this great country.

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