Friday, January 18, 2002

Aunt and Uncle

It's official ... I am Uncle Erik!

Michael Connor Miller (goes by Connor) was born Wednesday, January 16, at 3 p.m. to Stacy's younger sister, Amanda, and her husband Eric.

Connor weighed nine pounds even, has dark hair (and a lot of it), dark eyes and pudgy hands and feet. He is healthy and doing well getting used to the world.

Amanda was admitted to East Ridge Hospital on Tuesday morning and had contractions throughout the day. The doctor said it wasn't time yet and gave her something to help her sleep through Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, they resumed inducing her labor.

At noon Wednesday, Amanda's husband, Stacy, her mom and dad began helping her push during contractions. I was told it was intense. She worked very hard for the next hour but the baby did not move much, so the doctor advised a C-section. We are not surprised at this now that we know how big Connor is!

Amanda will be in the hospital at least through Saturday beginning the recovery from her surgery. We are all extremely proud of her ... she stayed so strong through it all.
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