Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that 2003 has come and gone. Hard to believe that we have a four-month-old son!

We have had a great two weeks during the holiday season. Stacy took Christmas week off and I worked most of the time, but it was okay. Being at work was not too bad. Seemed like all of the external partners we work with were on vacation so we got a lot of older issues taken care of.

We spent New Year's Eve at White Pine at my parents' house. We actually all went to sleep before the stroke of Midnight. As long as we knew Dick Clark was counting it down we knew it happened. :-)

We also used this time to celebrate Christmas with them as we did not get to visit at Christmastime.

New Year's day brought a lot of football and me on the couch.

My sister, Tobi and her husband, Corey, came over from Asheville on New Year's Day and we all had a great time.

No time for diets as we all ate heartily!

We came home on January 2 stopping in at the Super Target in Knoxville. What an awesome place!

Rigby has his four-month checkup at the doctor's office tomorrow. He is doing great. He had his first cold last week. It was hard to watch our little boy coughing and congested. He is getting through it though. His temperament is so great!

He has great head control, is very alert of his surroundings and laughs at mom and dad when they make funny faces and sounds. It is great!
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