Sunday, March 28, 2004

San Antonio

Erik traveled to San Antonio the first weekend of March to participate in the Sigma Chi Alumni Training Seminar. I had been to previous ones in Los Angeles and Nashville. This year I took on a role of a team leader for one of the three alumni dicussion groups and presented a communication seminar to the entire alumni group. San Antonio was wonderful. I took great pictures of the Alamo in the bright afternoon sun and then at Midnight under a full moon.

I spent a lot of good time with brothers I had never met. We had a great last evening on the Riverwalk. We had a big meal with many Pacificos and then wandered to Durty Nelly's, and Irish pub on the Riverwalk. We ended the night at Pat O'Brien's - yes like the one in New Orleans. Two Hurricanes finish the night just right! whew!
We moved Rigby to the UTC Children's Center this month. It is in downtown and much closer to work. We enjoyed our couple months at Primrose School in Hixson, but it was time to get him closer to us and the opening came up.

One of my alma maters, Xavier, made it to the Sweet 16 after knocking off Louisville and Mississippi State. Xavier's next stop was Atlanta and I hooked up with many Xavier fans and friends from school who made the weekend trip to the A-town. We beat Texas in another great upset and then almost beat Duke, losing by four. It was a great time and I am proud of the Musketeers.

In addition to a couple days in Atlanta, we feasted on some Varsity, the 75-year-old hamburger joint downtown. I brought home Rigby a Varsity hat that he wore with no fuss!

Rigby is sitting up, smiling and laughing and rolling over now! It is awesome.
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