Monday, August 16, 2004

New Smyrna Beach

Stacy, Rigby and I spent a week at New Smyrna Beach, Florida with our friends, Beth and Steve. We stayed in a beach house across the road from beach.

We had a great time enjoying the lazy days. We would wake up around 8 a.m., which is late for us. We would play with Rigby for a couple hours, and then when he got tired, we would all go to the beach. Rigby would be slathered up in 60 SPF sun block, asleep in his strolled and placed under a big umbrella. That gave us time to lounge on the beach and play in the ocean.

The house we stayed in was great. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and a sun room on the back that extended almost the length of the house. There was also garage where we could store all of our beach stuff.

We frequented some local taverns on the beach. The beer of choice was Yuengling.
We did eat seafood, but there was a pizza place across the street from the house that had fantastic pizza and good beer and pizza specials. Their double cheese pie was the best!

We had to leave a day early from our vacation because of Hurricane Charley wreaking havoc on the state of Florida. We got out in time, and the hurricane eventually killed 27 people and caused billions of dollars of damage. It was weird to watch the news when we got home and saw some of the places we had been destroyed by the storm.
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