Saturday, September 04, 2004

Rigby's Party

It's birthday party time! We had a great day of festivities. Our birthday boy was under the weather with a fever and did not have much to do with the party.
Erik "snuck" Stacy's sister, Meghan, from Albuquerque to Chattanooga for the party. Everyone was surprised.

We had a great time with friends and family. Rigby got great gifts.

We had a football tailgate themed party, complete with chicken wings, special dips and chips, snack foods, cokes and beer. Football balloons adorned the house and blue and gold spirit shakers were strategically placed around the food and gift tables.
Rigby’s big cake was a huge hit. The cake said, “Happy Birthday, Rigby, Our MVP” with a football in the middle. The border of the cake was blue icing, which dyed everyone’s teeth, lips and tongues blue. It was funny, and the cake was very tasty.

Rigby’s personal cake had an icing football helmet with “Rigby” on it. He played with it a little, but because he was not feeling good, he did not eat any of it. We are saving it for later when he can dig in.

The guys ended the day watching the LSU-Oregon State football game.

Rigby finished the day in better spirits. He found his new toys to be quite fun and danced around with many of them
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