Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Atlanta Trip

We went to Atlanta last weekend to enjoy a some time with the family. It was Lucy's first big trip. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Zoo and Rigby had an absolute blast. He saw all the animals he sees in the books he "reads."

Lucy slept.

Rigby loved the elephants, 'nocerous, zebras, gorillas, King Kongs, snakes, monkeys and especially the panda bears. One panda was pacing back and forth across the front window while dozens of people looked on. The panda stoped right in front of Rigby and proceeded to tease him. It was awesome.

Lucy slept.

That evening we went to Decatur and ate at Crescent Moon, a tasty little place. We all had huge meals and a blackberry cobbler with ice cream.

We stayed at the Sheraton Suites on I-285. We had a two-room suite, so we all had beds. Lucy slept with mommy, Erik was in a bed and rigby slept in the living room portion on the couch bed watching his ownTV.

That Sunday we went to the Little Gardens restaurant in Lawrenceville, Ga to see my dad and our extended family. We had a great time and it was great for them to see Rigby and Lucy. Food was aplenty and there was even a chocolate fountain where Rigby dipped strawberries and rice krispie treats in it.

We ended the weekend at IKEA and The Varsity. So it was a great weekend had by all!
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