Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patty's Day!

Bring on the green beer!

It has been and fun and challenging four weeks at work for me. I was temporarily removed from my day-to-day managerial duties and was involved in a project that affected my entire department (100+ employees) and our customers (5,000 accounts and 1.4 million policy owners. It was challenging and a great learning experience. It gives me further confidence that I work on a great team for a great company.

That has been my life.

Rigby continues to evolve into a little man. He pee-peed in the potty three times yesterday, asking to do so each time. He was so excited to tell me about it when I picked him up at school on Friday. What genuine joy it would be to get that excited each time you did something I see as being so simple.

Lucy has been under the weather this week with a double ear infection, but she still sneaks a beautiful smile in every once in a while. She is not walking yet at 13 months, but she can motor around on all fours.

Stacy has been hard at work as well. She spent the day in Portland, ME using the corporate jet to get there and back - ah, luxury. She continues to thrive at work and make significant improvments for our company.

Well, back to the green beer!
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