Sunday, January 06, 2008


The weekend saw our travel to Augusta, Ga. for Bob's (step-dad) 70th birthday surprise party. We stayed at cousins Pat & Sam's. We got to see their kids, who are our age, and their four grandkids, who are Rigby and Lucy's age.

Tobi, Corey and Nellie were there, as were my step-sister Susan and her husband, Walter.

We also got to spend time with Great Uncle Lonnie Wilder (87-years-young), the last of the Wilders that we named Rigby after. He still goes deer hunting. We talked about WWII and his experiences in Augusta, where he has lived since 1943.

We left on Saturday and returned on Sunday. Although it was a quick trip, it felt like several days because we really made it count. We stayed up late catching up.

We had good Augusta bar-be-que and hash. Beer was available as we watched the NFL wild-card playoff games.

Rigby and Lucy had a blast with their newfound cousins. They ran and played all over the back yard and inside the house.

We left on Sunday afternoon back across I-20 towards Atlanta. We stopped in the small town of Social Circle, located 45 minutes east of Atl. Stacy's maternal grandparents lived there. We saw the house her grandparents lived in as well as the nearby famous Blue Willow Inn, a tasty southern restaurant.

We had a great weekend to kick off 2008!

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