Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

First and foremost on this Memorial Day Weekend, we remember and honor those who are serving, those who have served and those who have given their lives for our great country.

We had a great weekend.

On Saturday, Erik and Rigby went to see Speed Racer, Stacy, Lucy and Nana went shopping and then we all gathered back at the Oglesby Ranch. Erik and Stacy ended the evening with a viewing of the movie, The Mist - Stephen King is a master. That movie was good, but the ending just tore us up.

On Sunday, we started out with breakfast at MudPie and then spent a good part of the afternoon at Who-Fest [08] in Renaissance Park. There were more than 60 folk artists there. Sister Tobi had a spot at the Art Show and was selling her wares like crazy! We bought a great, new piece from Asheville artist Deona Fish.

Rigby and Erik did some major cardboard sledding down the park's big hill. The family took a walk through the park and got some good rock-throwing accomplished. The Tennessee River has several new rocks.

We finished the day at the Swaynes and with Tobi and Corey. We munched down on burgers, dawgs, chips, tasty beans and beers. We got some good Mario Kart Wii in as well.

On Monday, we had lunch at Subway in North Chatt and then made our way over to the City side to catch a ride on the water taxi.

Upon boarding, we traveled to Maclellan Island, in the middle of the Tennessee River. Our visit to the island would be a first for us and we were very excited. There is a 1.5 mile trail that follows the perimeter of the island. Besides having fun, one of our main tasks was avoiding poison ivy. The trails are well-kept, though.

One unique feature on the island is a "rain-shadow desert" that lies beneath the Veterans Bridge, which travels across the middle of the island. Hardly any rain or sun hits beneath the bridge, leaving a lot of dirt and areas for picnic tables and a nice campfire setup.

There were a couple camping areas on the island and even a nice concrete block shelter. We discovered an old piece of farm equipment, which had to of been more than 50 years old, as farming on the island ceased in 1954.

We stayed on the island for almost two hours before hopping aboard the "Fat Cat" boat to carry us back to the mainland. We did not want our day to end, so we went to visit our fish friends at the Aquarium.

Now it is back to work, albeit a four-day work week!

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