Monday, June 09, 2008

Maine - Day 5

Well, the end of the vacation is upon us. We got up early Monday morning and with gear already packed the night before, we loaded up and headed south down State Route 1.

We chose to drive down State Route 1 instead of I-95 so we could see the great small towns along the coast. We visited towns such as Scarborough, Saco, Biddeford, Kennebunkport, Wells, Ogunquit, Cape Neddick, York and Kittery.

Having not eaten at the hotel, we chose to find the first small town restaurant that caught our eyes and taste buds. The Golden Rooster in Saco was that spot. The place had been there for 40 years on this small town's main street. We enjoyed an awesome breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. The service was great and friendly. In fact, when we walked in, a customer at the bar turned to us and said, "you all just take a seat where you like." They must have known we were not from around here.

After breakfast and just down the road on the town edge was a wind turbine, standing tall over the city. That was really cool to see.

We did take long enough to get gas in Wells and take a picture of Wells House of Pizza and Roast Beef, where they only take cash. What a combination!

We traveled State Route 1 all the way to the state line, crossing over into New Hampshire and then onto I-95. One of the first signs that welcomed us into the State was a State sign that read, "NH Alcohol Store, Lottery Tickets" high above the interstate, just like one of those big directional signs. Now that is classy.

We drove straight through NH and made way to Boston, home of our departing flight. Our flight did not leave until 5:45 p.m. so we had a little time in Boston.

We stopped in Cambridge and walked through some of Harvard University. The kids ran around and played in one of the expansive green spaces. We also made a quick stop into the bookstore to absorb some knowledge. Didn't work.

On our way to the airport, we drove along Memorial Drive next to the Charles River to Charlestown, home of the Bunker Hill Monument, the site of the first major conflict between British and Patriot forces in the Revolutionary War on June 17, 1775. Although we did not climb the 294 steps to the top, Lucy and Rigby did touch the monument and got a drink of water in the visitors center next door. The water was needed as it was 95 degrees outside.

After a quick visit on Bunker Hill, we headed for Boston Logan International Airport. To get there we had to go through the Ted Williams Tunnel a 1.6 mile tunnel that sits under water on the Boston Harbor floor.

Side notes on checking into the airport
1. Always have your credit card, six-digit confirmation number or skymiles number to get your boarding pass at the self-serve kiosk - it is much quicker than standing in line.
2. Never stand in line behind a bafoon who is literally checking his email while his laptop is sitting in the xray tray - ridiculous!
3. For some reason it is okay to let a flight attendant to just jump line, especially right in front of a family of four. Hey, she should have arrived early to the airport like everyone else.
4. The Wendy's in the Delta terminal has tasty Strawberry Frosties!

The flight to Cincinnati was great - kids just used crayons to color the time away. Our short stop in the Cincinnati Airport allowed for a Starbucks pit stop.

We passed around a major thunderstorm on our way to Chattanooga. The storm was on our side of the plane and you could see the top and the bottom of the clouds and the lightning show inside. It was awesome!

Rigby caught the eye of the flight attendant on our Cincy to Chatt flight. She asked him to assist with handing out the snacks. Rigby accepted the offer and started from the front of the plane and delivered snacks to each row on the plane. How many people get to do that!? He was quite excited.

We arrived home in the Noog around 11 p.m. but less about a 100 pounds; our luggage was left in Cincinnati. But we got it the next morning - delivered to us!

So that is our trip. What a grand old time. A very rewarding trip and highly recommended.
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