Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break

We recently had a great Fall Break with the kids. It was Rigby's first break from kindergarten, which he is thriving in.

We spent the week doing a little shopping, house cleaning, eating at our favorite restaurants, hiking on part of the Cumberland Trail on Signal Mountain, visiting the Creative Discovery Museum, playing at the Pumpkin Patch playground, resting and just enjoying our time together.

We spent the last weekend of our Fall Break in Atlanta. On Friday, we made our first stop at The Varsity, of course, and then visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. What a fun museum - the kids really liked it. We later shopped in Perimeter Mall - always nice to visit the Apple Store!

On Saturday, we visited Imagine - Atlanta Children's Museum, ate at Fritti, a very Italian restaurant in Virginia Highlands and then ended up in Little Five Points for the infamous Halloween Parade. What a time we had! The main streets were closed for the festivities. We saw everything from zombies, to princesses, to nuclear victims, to vampires, to elves, to kids in teddy bear outfits, to a woman dressed as Sarah Palin carrying a baby and a gun. The parade last more than an hour!

We ended the Saturday with a trip to Philips Arena to cheer on the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team, who beat the Buffalo Sabres through overtime and into a shootout. It was a great first game for the kids. Rigby really got into it. Lucy liked the ladies who cleaned up the ice during timeouts - so did Erik.

On Sunday, we went to the new World of Coca-Cola. It is a very manageable journey through Coke history and it ended with flavor stations through the World of Coca-Cola. There are more than 60 varieties of drinks from around the world. Lucy and Rigby tried almost everything, some of it was quite untasty. Needless to say, we were all fairly wired on the drinks.

So a great time had by the GrayStation and then it was back to school and work.
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