Thursday, September 07, 2000

News and Notes

Hello from Cincinnati, home of your Bengals!!

Well, with that nice of a new stadium ($450 million) on the riverfront I guess they gotta be good, so I better get on the bandwagon. Uh, okay.

I finished another week of class and everything is going well. I got home in time to get the Mocs football game at UAB on the internet broadcast. We had them on down 15-7, but UAB came back and won 20-15.

In good news, Stacy finished her first day with the University of Cincinnati Foundation. She really likes the people in the office, especially her boss, which is a great thing.

Her first project is to research other college foundation web sites, and create a new direction for the UC one. She will probably present several approaches, then pick and have an outside design firm create the new site.

Our commute is definitely different from Chattanooga. We could drive down our driveway and be at work in five minutes. We live on Exit 19 on I-71. Xavier is on Exit 5 and UC is on Exit 3. It is interstate driving so it is not stop and go, which makes it just fine for me.

Last Sunday was the Tri-state area's Labor Day celebration, complete with 500,000 people and 30 minutes of fireworks. We watched the fireworks from the Kentucky side of the Ohio river, and I must say it was a spectacular view of the city skyline and the celebration. It is wild because mostly all of the streets on both sides of the river are closed all day long, so you can imagine the people and partying everywhere.

Stacy and I went to the Cincinnati Army football game on Labor Day. It was a nice day and some good football. The UC campus is very large with many unique buildings.

This weekend is the 23rd Annual Oktoberfest in Main Strasse Village in Covington, KY, just across the river from Cincinnati it might as well be Cincinnati. They have the ceremonial beer-tapping on Friday and do not stop until Sunday. We are going to celebrate this occasion on Saturday.

We are coming to Chattanooga on September 15. We are going to the Mocs football game on the 16th and will go out that Saturday night if any of you Chattanoogans are up for it.

Write when you can, and take care!
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