Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Baby Update and Man Den

Well, Stacy is in her second trimester and is doing very well. She is eating well, working a sane amount and not feeling much sickness that usually comes with pregnancy.

We have been to the doctor twice now and our visits have been regular and normal.
Do we know the sex yet, you ask? No, we are going to wait until the baby enters the world.
Erik accepted a new position in his department at UnumProvident. The position will be Manager, Customer Service in the Voluntary Workplace Benefits organization. This is a great accomplishment as his one year anniversary for joining UnumProvident is April 1.
All is going well at the home front. We are getting ready for spring. We have been outside working in the yard already!

Inside work is going okay. I am 95% done with the downstairs den. I have some ceiling tiles I need to cut and place and finish some of the molding. But we have completed everything else. I did everything except lay the carpet and Lowes did that. I should have part ownership in the Hixson Lowes.

After completing that project, I promptly went to Best Buy and bought a new Yamaha Dolby Digital Pro Logic II receiver, Samsung DVD player and a Samsung 47'' widescreen - 2 years no interest - so I can pay it off without having to pay the man any more. Plus, Monster Cable which set me back but hell, what the hell? So that little den with the JBLs surrounds pumping is quite cool. Matrix, Lord of the Rings and others are simply awesome. PS2 is cool on widescreen.

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