Thursday, July 17, 2003

Getting Ready

Things are going well for the Grays in Chattanooga. We are on house vacation this week!
We have been quite busy at work, getting ready for Baby Gray and still working on remodeling projects in our house.

This August marks two years since we have been back in Chattanooga. it is hard to believe it has been this long since I have seen my Cincinnati friends. I do miss them.
Stacy got another promotion on June 1. She is now Director of Corporate Marketing and Editorial Resources at UnumProvident. She works her butt off, and her efforts are really paying off.

I am still transitioning to my managerial role at UnumProvident. I will have 14 team members reporting to me. Who would have thought! I have an awesome customer service team and hope to make them proud.

Stacy is doing great carrying the little child. It is quite awesome to see him/her swimming around in her belly. She has not had many rough times with the pregnancy. Due date is Sept 6, the same day the Chattanooga Mocs beat Vanderbilt in football.
We are still holding strong and not finding out the sex of the baby. We do have some names picked out.

The nursery is almost complete. I removed a wall between our hallway bathroom and the future nursery to make the bathroom a little bigger. The nursery is a great size, 12' x 13' and the bathroom has widened by 18''.

We have a crib and all the furniture waiting to be moved in. Stacy has been staining and painting (with proper ventilation) our unfinished furniture that we bought for the room. The chest of drawers and tall chest have been stained and the rocker was painted white. We bought the crib at Babies R Us.

By the way, we are registered at Babies R Us and Target.
As for the bathroom, it has been thoroughly gutted and awaiting new white tile, white beadboard a new Kohler pedestal sink and Kohler toliet. The 50-year-old cast iron tub is staying.

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