Friday, August 15, 2003


The big event is almost here. Sept. 6 is the due date. Stacy looks as though she is smuggling a watermelon under her shirt. She looks great and has had a great pregnancy. We have been lucky that the summer has not been really hot and humid.

The nursery is complete. We have the crib ready and the furniture is in place. We recently bought and finished a toy chest - much needed since we were so fortunate to receive many gifts.
We had three baby showers and have almost everything we need. The generosity of our family, friends and coworkers has been tremendous. I cannot go on enough about how much it means to Stacy and me about how many people care about our future. Stacy spent one evening writing 53 thank-you notes for one shower! She is a champ.

Work is going well. Stacy plans to work up until the day, and she will take three months off. I plan to take off two weeks after the birth.

We have put the bathroom renovation on hold as we decided to finish up our bedroom and sitting room before the baby comes.

Oh, and our dog, Sully, is almost a year old. He is an outside dog in a 25' x 25; fence enclosure I built for him, complete with a big house! He likes to bark a lot, but I think sometimes he is just lonely, but I am not too sure about another dog. He is getting better.

It has been two years since we moved back to Chattanooga. I recently sent emails to my Xavier friends and heard back from most of them. It is scary to think I have not seen them in two years. They all seemed to be doing well. I do miss them and miss Cincinnati sometimes - it is a great city. Chattanooga is our home though, and we are very happy.

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