Saturday, May 08, 2004


Batton down the hatches, bar the door and run for your lives! Rigby is starting to crawl. It started Friday evening when he was lured by David Cope holding a Sesame Street light just out of Rigby's reach. He took a couple shuffles and then went to his belly. since then he has performed three to four knee shuffles forward. He does not seem to surprised by it all when everyone in the room cheers him on.

On Saturday, May 1, we participated in the annual Chattanooga MS Walk. We had a good time and the Grays raised $440. Rigby enjoyed his time at Coolidge Park on the Chattaooga North shore.

These last couple weeks have really flown by at work. We are staying hard at it I suppose.

Rigby turned 8 months old on May 1. Hard to believe!
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