Monday, May 31, 2004

May was a great month!

Stacy, Rigby and I went to Savannah May 15-20 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Gray Wedding. We stayed at a hotel on Bay Street in the historic downtown area. We visited most of the beautiful old city squares, enjoyed some awesome food, and a walked a all over the place.

We also visited Erik's cousins in Savannah and had a short but good visit. We took a 30 minute drive East to Tybee Island to give Rigby his first view of the Atlantic Ocean. He absolutely loved the ocean water and the waves coming in to shore. He grabbed at the soft sand and squeezed it between his fingers. Nothing seems to scare him.

Savannah pictures are on
Rigby's Site.

We went to my parents' house in White Pine for part of Memorial Day weekend. Tobi and Corey also came in from Asheville - a quick hour drive.

Rigby had a temperature of 102 on Friday and was pretty miserable. He woke up on Saturday another child from the day before. He was laughing and playing and acting like the day before never happened. Soon, we noticed a little something in his mouth - his first tooth peeking out! That is the only thing I can think of that got him so irritated the day before.

The cicada bugs were in full force. They only come out once every 17 years. It was so loud during the day time with all the bugs chirping. The trees and bushes were covered with cicadas and the ground was littered with dead ones. It was wild to see.
The second half of Memorial Day weekend was spent at the Oglesby Ranch in East Ridge. We had a southern shrimp boil on Monday and ate until we were about to pop.

Most of Stacy's immediate kin was there. It was a good day to remember.
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