Friday, September 07, 2007

Road Trip Day 6

The cell phone alarm woke us at 7 a.m. in Erie so we could get on the road early back to Pittsburgh. A quick breakfast at Old McDonalds and we were off.

We stopped in Wale Mark (Wal Mart Rigby-style) to get an umbrella stroller. We planned for a trip to a "see" museum and not a "play" museum so Rigby would be sitting in the new stroller.

We arrived back in Pittsburgh before lunch time and went to the Allegheny Cemetery to see Daniel William Cooper's grave, one of the seven founders of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. The cemetery was very old and very expansive, but the grave site found Erik just like the other three he has seen before this one.

We traveled to and parked on the North Shore area to visit our final museum of the trip, the Andy Warhol Museum, seven-stories of Warhol in an old remodeled building. The museum was very contemporary, very Warhol. What a master he was. It was not your usual Marilyn Monroe pop what you would think of Warhol. It was so many different mediums he used throughout the years. The fifth floor held an archive of 600 boxes of memorabilia he had collected throughout the years.

After our museum experience, we ate at Atrias, which was built into the PNC Ball Park. The cheddar burger and reuben were awesome, as were the cold, Iron City beers we enjoyed (Lucy and Rigby had Sprite).

We breathed in the last daytime air of Pittsburgh and headed out to our hotel on the outskirts of the city.

But our day was not over! We freshened up and drove back to the city for our last big event - Pittsburgh Pirates baseball versus the Chicago Cubs. We parked in the city and walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge, with thousands of other fans. Our seats were 20 rows behind home plate. The view of the Steel City in the outfield and the warm late summer breeze made for an awesome night.

The Pirates won 6-1. We left the ball park as the pirate raised the skull and cross bones in the outfield, signaling a win! Rigby and Lucy got foam pirate swords and swashbuckled their way out of the stadium.

We walked back across the Clemente Bridge looking over our shoulder at a great evening.

As we left the city, we wanted to see one more area of town on the South Side that we had not seen yet. Although it was 10:30 p.m., we drove through the Carson Street area and counted at least 30 bars and restaurants, alive and kicking. What a place for the adults and college students. We scoped that one out for future visits. During our 20 minute driving tour through the area, Rigby talked to Tobi-o-wan (Erik's sister) describing his week.

The night ended in Washington, PA, 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Stacy and Erik lugged two tired kids in the hotel (and a couple fountain drinks and apple pies from Old McDonalds).

What a great week. It's time to head back home. The road trip back home begins tomorrow.
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