Sunday, September 09, 2007

Road Trip Day 7

Washington, PA. We awoke naturally with no alarm around 8:30. Erik packed the car, Stacy bathed the kids and then we dined on free breakfast at the hotel.

Our last day on the road began at 10 a.m. Our trip home was going to be I-70 to Columbus, I-71 to Cincinnati and then I-75 to Chattanooga. This was different than on Day 1 as we took I-81 through Virginia and into West Virginia.

We hit our first rain of the road trip in Columbus, which was around kickoff of the Ohio State football game. We stopped to get gas just outside Wheeling, WV and Erik grabbed a 12-pack of Iron City beer for home usage.

We landed in Cincinnati around 2 p.m. and made our way to Busken Bakery for four 12-packs of Halloween and Bengals print cookies. The Buskens are the best ever.

After cookie pickup, we drove by Xavier and past University of Cincinnati to Ludlow Avenue. Our stop took us to Skyline Chili. As we walked in, the first words from Rigby's mouth were, "ahhhh, it smells good in here." After wiping the tears of joy from his face, Erik ordered. Chili-cheese coneys and 3-ways were the orders of choice for the family.

After a hearty dining experience, we drove through our second home city reliving the past.

Our final destination was The Party Source in Newport, Ky, just across the river from Cincy. This place has the largest beer cooler ever. They have rows and rows of wines and spirits and almost every type of beer you can imagine, except for Yuengling and Hudy Delight in a can.

We dropped a Benjamin and more, boxed up the goods and loaded the car with tasty treats for future references.

Our journey was nearing an end. We traveled through the 190-mile stretch of Kentucky and welcomed the dark. Erik listened to the Vols-Southern Miss game, since that was about the only thing the radio would pick up. The other choices were deep-woods country and the Kentucky football game.

We took a pit stop outside of Knoxville and then breezed down I-75 to Chattaboogie. We opted to turn off the radio and tell sppoky stories. Rigby told a 30 minute story about every monster he could think of. Seriously, 30 minutes.

We arrived at our home at 11 p.m.

Saturday consisted of:
-650 miles
-four pit stops
-three hours in Cincinnati
-13 hours total door (Pittsburgh) to door (Chattanooga)

Our seven-day journey was awesome. We traveled more than 1,800 miles during our adventure. What a great time.

The car is unpacked and the second load of laundry is already in the washer.
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