Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mocs Homecoming

The power of a great day. UTC brought us together all those years ago, and UTC keeps us together even today.

The day started with a cool morning, beautiful blue skies and participation in the 2007 American Heart Association Heart Walk. We walked through the city with friends from work.

After a big burrito lunch at Mojo, we took it to the house for some siestas.

We arrived at First Tennessee Pavilion at Finely Stadium during the mid-afternoon and what a great turnout of students and alumni for UTC Homecoming.

There seemed to be a couple hundred Sigma Chis in full force. It was great to see so many brothers and pledges. If there is one day each year that we really get to celebrate, it is this day. There were many alumni in attendance, but there were also many we missed and wish had been there.

Rigby and Madison Cope took it to the big inflatable playgound and never seemed to wear out. They kept the energy going all the way through the football game. It was great.

In addition to a packed pavilion, there were several alumni I had not seen in many many years. Two in particular were Levert Threats and Larry Stewart, two of my best Mocs basketball friends from back in the day (15 years ago). Other Mocs ballers there were Tim Brooks, Gary Robb, Damon Woods and Ed "Lover" Snead. (Shane Neal was there, but he is my local boy!).

I spent a good bit of time with Larry and Levert and we enjoyed talking about days of old. It was such a good feeling to see them and pick up where we left off last time. After big hugs and promises of sincere friendship, we went on our way to see the Mocs play.

The Cope clan and GrayStation spent the game time in the Coca-Cola skybox. The Coke folks are great hosts, as always. Thanks to them and drink Coke!!

We all enjoyed a Mocs 39-21 win over Western Carolina. We made it home around 9:30, and settled in for some DVR'ed television shows from the past week. Wow, we are getting old - normally, I would be liver-deep in beer at this time.

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