Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Road Trip - Day 3

Day 3 was a monumental day! We went to see Ken Griffey, Jr and his new team, the Chicago White Sox.

First, of course, we woke up for free breakfast in the lobby. Rigby was amazed at the delicious doughnuts. "This breakfast is better than I thought it would be," he exclaimed.

After breakfast, we moved over to the indoor pool. Rigby trusts his arm floats now and swims all over the pool. Lucy was not as sure, but she liked the big yellow ball, the foam floats and the hot tub.

A refreshing morning at the pool got us prepared for a big day in South Chicago.

We drove to the Howard Red Line park and ride station and took the red line train through town and to the Sox-35th Station.

We got to the stadium about an hour before game time. Big tip is to buy on Ticketmaster, because there is a Ticketmaster station at the stadium to pick up your tickets and you do not have to wait in line at will call.

We had great seats on the club level, complete with an indoor concourse, an in-seat menu and servers that took our order and brought our food out to us.

Before the National Anthem, the Navy Seals' Leap Frogs parachuted in to the stadium with a Sox flag and an American flag. That was very cool. Throughout the game, the Blue Angels were flying around the city and over the stadium preparing for the weekend's 50th Annual Air & Water Show.

We saw Griffey hit 1 of 2 with a run and 2 walks. It was great to hear Rigby and Lucy yell for Griffey when he was up to bat. This is the guy, one of the best to play, that people will talk about for decades to come, and my kids saw him play!

The game blew up in the 6th inning when the White Sox hit four home runs in a row, a first for the White Sox in their long history.

When the game concluded and the Sox won 9-2, we rode the train to Grand Station and walked east to Navy Pier. Oh, the day was getting rolling now!

As we arrived to the Navy Pier, we saw the biggest McDonalds we had ever seen. Good Lord at the commerce and fattiness in that place!

Our purpose for visiting the Pier was to go to the Chicago Children's Museum. This place was great. We saw a dinosaur, a massive Lego Sears Tower replica, rope climbing area, a log cabin, a transportation exhibit, Lucy picking veggies, an outdoor patio overlooking the city, a large water play room, a big back yard exhibit where we were the small creatures and a great interactive room with screens where computerized butterflies landed on our bodies. That was just the tip of the iceberg. We all really enjoyed our visit.

As the sun set, Rigby and Erik took a ride on the 150-feet tall ferris wheel. Rigby could not stop saying how awesome it was.

As night fell, we took a bus to the Magnificent Mile. As we looked around for our red line station, we happened upon Chicago Fire Station 98. The firemen invited us in and we got to sit in a fire engine and looked at old pictures dating back to 1900. Big thanks to those guys for making us feel welcome.

So we finally hopped on another bus and to the red line station.

What a long day - our kids (4 and 2 years old!) walked everywhere with us. Lucy did get carried a good bit, but she is a great trooper. We got back to the hotel room after 11 p.m. We finished the day watching USA win gold and silver in gymnastics.
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