Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa knows

Christmas is almost upon us and, oh, what a time we will have!

We spent the weekend in White Pine and enjoyed time with family for some pre-Christmas gift opening and stomach stuffing of great food.

The time-honored tradition of watching the Dandridge Christmas Parade was also in full effect on Saturday afternoon. Erik spent Saturday morning with 1989 classmates at Sevier County High School, touring the halls and telling stories.

So Rigby and Lucy have told us what they want for Christmas. Rigby told Santa the other day that he wants a remote control dinosaur, namely "Spike," the ultra dinosaur. Santa looked at me and then asked Rigby, do you want anything else? Rigby, said "Nope, that's it."

Lucy was a little easier. She wants anything pink - purse, Barbie, Barbie car, etc.

So later I asked Rigby what if Santa could not find it. Rigby said, "Santa does not have to look for it, his elves make it."

Rigby later told Stacy that he wanted a space station as well. When we asked Rigby what kind of space station, Rigby said, "Santa knows." Guess he will have to figure that one out.

So off I went to Target tonight, with Santa. I swear a tornado of shopping went through that place and there was no Spike, much less anything else.

But there were about eight Spikes at Toys R Us! While Santa was there, a Disney Princess kitchen set happened to make it into Santa's shopping cart as well.

The economy is not hurting in Chattanooga! The lady at Toys R Us told me that they got 144 Wii's on Friday night and that the last one sold Sunday evening. There were more than six Toys R Us employees roaming the aisles stocking items. The place was quite full of people after 10 p.m. and they are open until Midnight until Christmas eve.

Fun times.

Merry Christmas to all! Hope you enjoy your friends, family and the reason for the season!
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