Saturday, January 31, 2009

Son and nephew

I had the pleasure of taking Rigby and my nephew, Connor, to the Mocs vs. Georgia Southern basketball game tonight. Connor was visiting Chattanooga for the weekend - he lives in Knoxville.

Upon picking Connor up, I turned off the radio and listened to the conversation in the back seat. They talked about movies, games and friends at school. I did not think much of it and just drove on to the arena.

We got to the arena just in time for tip-off. Those two boys practically sat in their seats the entire game, except for going to get 32-ounce cokes and a tub of popcorn, as well as trips to the restroom.

As a big Mocs fan, I take much pride in how Rigby is starting to grasp basketball and cheer on the Mocs. He was yelling for plays to be made, cheering when we scored, attentively watched the scoreboard and pumped his fist just like his daddy does.

Connor followed right along, following Rigby's lead and danced to almost every Mocs pep band song. Throughout the game, they urged for the Big River blimp to fly over them and drop the coupons - it never made it over us.

The second half was full of action on the court. At the beginning of the half, I placed my trust in the boys and went to the concourse to get them ice cream. As I made it back my section, they were in their seats, cheering on the Mocs - it was a good feeling to take a little risk and know they were okay, but noting that I had some friends watching over in the row behind.

The Mocs scored 100 points and the boys were very excited about our win. After the game, I took them down to the court and they ran around playing a game involving throwing their hats in the air and swinging at each other - no harm no foul I guess.

We made the leisurely walk back to the car and then headed back to the Oglesby Ranch in East Ridge, where pizza and family awaited.

The radio was still off, and that is when I realized what I did not think about when I was driving to the game - how special that moment was. Here were two little boys in the back seat, talking about their favorite movies, talking about favorite movie quotes and scenes, barely getting a breath in between. One of these boys I helped make, the other one I held in my arms soon after he was born. I have known both of these boys since their life on earth began and have watched them grow into smart, energetic and caring beings.

For a thoughtful moment I pictured them 70 years later, talking about who knows what. What a great day.

~ ~ ~

P.S. Here it is midnight. I am finishing this entry at the keys of my MacBook Pro and Rigby is sitting by my side, blowing torches out on the Indiana Jones Lego game for the Nintendo DS.
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